Niké True City

One thing that I am starting to realize, when looking at appvertising, is that its not only about creating a cool mobile app, you need to consider marketing that app as well to achieve the appropriate download rates. With this in mind we are starting to see cool app trailers pop up on You Tube and other video sites to boost app downloads.

Here is a great example were AKQA has gone the extra mile to create a cool video boosting their new Niké iPhone app. This is a user generated city guide with integrated QR codes. You can download the Niké True City from for iTunes and I have not been able to find it for Android yet. Any tips are appreciated. Integrating a friends functionality gives a great user experience and a personal touch to the application. What I like about this application, in particular, is that this is not just an app you play around with and then forget. This is a great usefull app that consumers will keep. Good job by AKQA.

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