Becks finds local Gigs on your mobile

I like the fact that we are starting to see more and more app trailers. This one comes from Becks, who have created a Gig Finder for iPod Touch and iPhones. This application lets you search after gigs near you. Its nicely integrated with YouTube, Google Maps and the email functionality. 

The guys at Becks have taken apvertising to heart and published a similar application for the folks down under. This app gives consumer the chance to get discount coupons at a local pub. Check it out on the Australian app store.

If you are done with Becks by now then I recomend that you take a look at this case study published by Insidemob.

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  1. Gig finder lets you search for live music events, purchase tickets directly from your mobile, and get relevant recommendations based on your music tastes and location. It uses the default connection settings of your device for data connection. Thanks a lot.