Key tips on mobile site design and search engine optimization

Matt Smith is search engine optimization specialist at SEO.comGoing mobile right now has never been more uncertain. With the development of the iPhone and Android platforms, browsing the Web on a phone has never been easier. Therefore you may be asking yourself “If most users can view your full Web site with an iPhone, what is the point of creating a mobile webpage?”
While the mobile industry is constantly changing, one thing is for sure: you need to have a mobile Web site.
There are currently around 68 million mobile Internet users. This number is growing exponentially and will only speed up.
With the release of 4G sometime next year boasting speeds of twenty times faster than your home broadband Internet, 4G Internet will change the very existence of the mobile Internet. Therefore, yes, you had better get a mobile Web site and now.
Here are a few ideas surrounding the mobile industry and how you can set up your first mobile Web site.
Mobile site requirements• Your mobile site should be XHTML compliant
• Do not use frames. It is OK – most likely your site will look like one giant column. That is normal
• Create a mobile sitemap that tells Google which site is your mobile Web site and which is not
• Follow the specific mobile design guidelines and outlines
• Typically you do not want content deeper than three links. If you thought the attention span of a desktop viewer was short, try mobile surfing
• Use external CSS style sheets to speed up your mobile Web pages
Matt Smith is search engine optimization specialist at SEO.com

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