Toy Story 3 mobile app yields over 1,7 million downloads

Most of us saw the creative iAd Steve Jobs presented at his Keynote for Toy Story 3. Personally, I have not seen it pop up yet, so please let me know if you have seen it running on iAd.

Disney recently acquired Paolo Alto based app developer, Tapulous, to create the company's mobile apps. The success of the Toy Story 3 is a testament to a job well done. The game has had over 1,7 million downloads since its launch on June 15.

The game lets consumers find new toys, new activities and new adventures. Disney is also selling ad-on games in the app giving the opportunity to earn money from it. Finally there is a link to a mobile web site where you can see movie information, watch trailers and find out where the movie is playing. The app can be downloaded from 

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